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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Wednesday 10th February

Hello and good morning, Reception 1 families.

We have another busy day of learning for you.



Today I would like you to make a Chinese New Year card for a member of your family. You can use card or paper. Fold it in half and then draw your design on the front. You might choose to draw a dragon, a lantern, a red envelope or an ox. When you have finished your front cover, I would like you to write inside. Below is an example for the writing, but your child may choose to write a different message inside. Remember to encourage your child to form their letters correctly, referring to the letter formation mat.

If you feel that your child can not do this independently, ask them to tell you what they want to write and then you write it using highlighter or felt pen for your child to write over.


To ___________

Happy Chinese New Year

Love from



Below are some front cover ideas


I would like you to look at 5/6 of the sounds on your sound fan and tell your grown what they are.

We are going to continue practising our tricky words. I would like you to play the Roll a Tricky Word game

If you do not have a dice, follow the link for a digital one.


Time to warm your brains up first!

Do 5 star jumps, balance on one leg and count to 10, touch your toes 7 times do 4 bunny hops. Ok, you are ready for today’s maths. We are going to be estimating the lengths of objects and then compare and order the lengths. Watch the video lesson. You will need a few pieces of paper and a pair of scissors.


Your physical activity today is to make a paper lantern. There are many different lanterns to be made. I have attached an instruction sheet and some pictures of different lanterns for you to choose from.

Well Being Wednesday

Follow the link to our Well Being Wednesday activities

Don’t forget to help Mrs Walkden out with your shout outs. Follow the link below.


Thank you everybody for your super efforts today. I hope you a restful afternoon. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Mrs Spooner x