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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Tuesday 12th January


Hello Reception 2 Families

Welcome to Tuesday’s Home Learning!

Here is a little video from me to let you know what we'll be getting up to today!


Tuesday’s Literacy/Phonics Work



Follow the link below to listen to the Jolly Phonics Songs and join in with the actions


Read the ‘ch’ phoneme spotter story below. Use your phonics skill to sound out and blend the phonemes to enable you to read each word. You’ll come across some Tricky Sight Words too that you’ll be unable to blend so read the as a whole word.

Once you have read through it go back and read it again but this time listen and look out for words that contain the ‘ch’ digraph (a sound that is represented by two letters). When you have read the story and spotted the ‘ch’ words write them in a list.

It is time to watch a video to help you to practise the 'ch' digraph...  



Yesterday you shared our new story…


Listen to it again by following the link below

Stories wouldn't be stories without characters! Speak to your grown up about who the characters are in this story. Write a list of the characters from the story. You can write/scribe the list for your child but most of the R2 children are able to have a good go at saying/slowly stretching a word out loud, listening for the initial, middle and final sounds in the word and then either remembering what the corresponding letters are for each sound are from memory or looking for it on the Phase 2 or 3 sound mat to help them to write it. Some of the children will enjoy just listening for and writing the initial sound of each character's name.

You will find a link to some special paper right at the very bottom of today's home learning if you'd like to use  it for your list. A plain piece of paper is fine though!


Tuesday’s Maths

Let’s warm up our maths brains!

  • Count fro 0-20 then back from 20-0. (Be sure that your child is adding a ‘n’ to the end of each teen number please!)
  • Say a number to 5/10/20  (you’ll be gauging now the numbers that your child is working within)
  • And ask your child to write it from memory.


This week we are thinking carefully to be able to remember and say the number that comes before or after a given number to 5/10/20.

Play Chopper Squad!


In this game you’ll need to set it at your child’s ability stage before playing. It’s a great interactive game to help reinforce finding 1 more and 1 less.

In this game your child can practise visually seeing 1 more 1 less. A link to the worksheet can be found right at the end of today's home learning page or you can make your own.


Tuesday’s Topic Work



In this activity I would like you to think about the different parts of a polar bear’s body. A link to the work sheet is right at the bottom of today's home learning. Read the labels at the bottom of the sheet with your child. (There are some unfamiliar phonemes in the words so they’ll struggle to be able to read them independently.) Your child can use the initial sounds in the words to help them to match each of them to the body parts. They can either cut and paste them or copy and write them on the picture with the corresponding body part.


Today’s Physical Challenge


Can your child zip up their coat, fasten their buttons, Velcro their shoes independently? This is a learning milestone that they must achieve! Today, I’d like you to give your child various fastenings to practise doing it for themselves.

You could celebrate their achievements with an ‘I can fasten my coat’ certificate! A link to the doc is right at the bottom of this page and there are versions for girls and boys.




Here is a lovely story for you to relax to. It will come in 2 instalments, one today and one tomorrow. Can you recognise our special guest reader?!


That's it for home learning today R2 crew. Miss Hodgson and myself are proud of all of your hard work. heart

Mrs Cook x