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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Art and crafts activities this week will be based around our materials topic, focusing on the natural materials -  fruit and vegetables that have been grown from a seed.

Observational drawings.  Use paints, pens or pencils - draw or paint pieces of fruit, collections of fruit or the inside of fruit

Have a go at fruit printing using a range of fruit that is likely to make a good print.  Apples, oranges and pears usually work well.  Alternately you could use potatoes to do potato printing.  It is easy to half and cut the potatoes into interesting shapes.

Crafts for kids: Vegetable prints

Looking to make vegetables more popular in your house? This craft can help. Kids get to experiment with color mixing, how much paint to use, and making patterns.

Use home made play-dough or commercially produced play-dough to make fruit shapes.

Talk to the children about how some famous artists have created still life paintings often paintings of fruit.  Here are one or two examples.  Perhaps if the children paint a picture of fruit they could write their name on their painting just like an artist would sign their own work.

Famous still life painting by Paul Chezanne