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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.



Hello everyone! Great to see you! Let’s get going and have a brilliant day!


Wednesday’s Literacy/Topic Activities


Today we are going to find out about another kind of minibeast. Let’s find out what it is!

Worms Worms Worms - song for kids

Now it is time for today's minibeast story! It is called 'Yukky Worms' and it is an awesome story book that is brimming with interesting facts about worms! You’ll be amazed at what fabulous creatures they are! Enjoy the story!

Yucky Worms! By Vivian French, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.

Now use the worm themed writing paper to write an interesting fact about worms that you have found out today from our story ‘Yukky Worms’. In the space given, draw a picture of a wormy world under the ground too! The print link is below the picture. You could make your own worm themed paper if a printer isn’t available.



Jessie from Cbeebies would like to share some amazing wormy facts with you too!

Let's take a close look at worms in her treehouse den, and show children how to make a wormery.

Make a really cool and really easy worm craft…


Paper craft for kids simple and cute

Wednesday’s Phonics Activities


Here is the log in for Phonics Play, a brilliant website dedicated to having fun whilst learning phonics. You’ll need it to access the games below.




Here are some games from Phonics Play that will offer some valuable phonics practise…

Play Dragon’s Den to practise reading for meaning. Sort the real and the nonsense words.


Play Flashcard Speed Trials to practise recalling phonemes quickly!


Play Tricky Word Trucks to practise reading the Tricky Words quickly and on sight.


Play Rocket Rescue to practise listening to a spoken words, breaking up and writing each of the sounds


Wednesday’s Maths Activities


Warm up your maths brain!

How many worms would there be if there were 1 more?

How many worms would there be if there were 1 less?


We learnt about prepositions in maths a couple of weeks ago. Have you remembered which maths words we use to describe position? Follow the ‘Where is Worm’ PowerPoint and see…


Practise counting in 10s by making this brilliant counting wormy craft.



There are other counting formats to choose from. Counting in 5s, 2s and 1s. Print using the link below.



It is Well Being Wednesday today! Follow the link to our Well Being Wednesday web page and see if there are any of the lovely ideas that you like the look of and have a lovely afternoon!

Here is Miss Hodgson's 2nd part of The Magic Paintbrush - enjoy!


Mrs Cook x

Part 2 The Magic Paintbrush