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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Tuesday 9th February

Good morning everyone! Thank you for emailing us, reading books online and completing the activities on Education City! It is really great to know you are engaging with all of the work.

This is also a reminder though that doing the work in 10-15 minute bursts might help if you are finding it tricky to concentrate at home - remember we have busy learning days at school but we also have lots of playing time - inside and outside! You are all really doing a great job doing all your learning at home, and I have a surprise for you when I reply to your emails today! laugh 


Let's find out what we are going to be learning about today! 



We will start with Geraldine Giraffe as she learns the 'ey' sound. I have also added a comic strip and a 'phoneme spotter' to see if you can find the ey sounds in.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ey/

Now for our English. Firstly, how AMAZING are the wanted posters that have been sent to me so far? We don't usually put the work on the website but I had to show you these so you can see how fantastic each other are!! WELL DONE TO YOU ALL! 
Here is your work for today. Please watch the video and you can use the worksheet if you like. Don't forget to use the word cards to help you with your spelling. 

English introduction - a letter from the wolf

Today's word of the day is


Remember to practise reading, writing and spelling it during the day today.


Yesterday's maths work proved a little tricky for some of you as you found using the mathematical symbols for greater than and less than a little confusing. Let's see if you find today's work using the vocabulary of more than and less than a little bit easier. 

WRM - One more one less Part 1

WRM - One more one less Part 2

Topic - Music

I thought today we would keep with the traditional tale theme and do some music based around The Three Little Pigs.

The first activity is to warm-up your voices. I cannot seem to do a direct link, so I will guide you through the pages.

Click on Music Express

Click on the green tab ‘warm ups’

Click on Year 1-2

Click on ‘vocal warm-ups’

Click on ‘hands on tummies’


Next we are going to do the activities for The Three Little Pigs. Again, I cannot do a direct link, so I will guide you through.

Click on the ‘lesson bank’ tab

Click on Year 1

Click on Storytime

Click on The Three Little Pigs

There are 3 activities to complete. On activity 3 it asks for instruments. You might not have any at home but that doesn’t matter as you can listen to the instruments used as an accompaniment. I hope you enjoy it!

Physical activity

The Wire gymnastics club has some great activities to get you moving. Why not join in with them below.

Jump Start The Day with Jazzi & Warrington Gymnastics Club - Episode 2!

If you prefer, they also have a gymnastics Zoom this afternoon.

To finish our learning off for today I hope you like The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! 

See you tomorrow, 

Lots of love from 

The Big Bad Mrs O'Connell X X