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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.



Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s Home Learning activities! Let’s get learning and have some lovely fun!!!!!!!


Wednesday’s Topic Work


It is time for a story now. It is the Chinese New Year story. It is a legend from long ago that some believe to be true! It tells the story of the 12 animals who raced to have a year of the Chinese Zodiac named after them.

Story Time: "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac"

Can you write a list of the order that the animals won the race? Or you could carry out this cut, order and paste activity placing the animals in the correct sequence. You can re-listen to the story to help you to remember.

Your list could look like this…

First ________________

Second _______________

Third _________________

Fourth ________________

Fifth __________________


Seventh _________________

Eighth __________________

Ninth ___________________

Tenth ____________________

Eleventh __________________

Twelfth _____________________


Here is a help mat with the animal names to help you to write them but you could sound them out yourself if you’d rather!



This is the cut and paste activity if you’d rather that…


Wednesday’s Literacy Work


Writing in China looks very different to the writing that you are learning to do. It is very interesting and quite beautiful to look at! Have a look at how the names for the different zodiac animal are written in this PowerPoint. Can you find your zodiac animal? Can you find your grownups? It is the year of the Ox; can you find the Chinese word for Ox? Can you have a try at writing them? You don’t need paint and a paint brush, any writing tool will do. Have fun!





We have recapped these Phase 3 phonemes again this week. Take each phoneme and think of a word for each of them. Try writing the word for each. You can also think of how you can put these words into a short and simple sentence. You can do this verbally or you could have a go at writing them. Don’t forget finger spaces please! And grown up let your child have access to a Phase 2 and 3 phoneme mat so that they can work independently.


j v w x y z zz qu ch sh the ng


Wednesday’s Maths Work


Warm up your brains first gang!

  1. Go and find your door number and write it down
  2. Whilst you are there, what shape is your door?
  3. How many people live in your house? Write the number down
  4. How many ears do you have? Write the number down
  5. What is the date today? Ask your grown up
  6. How many stairs are in your staircase at home? Can you walk up them and count them? Write the number down
  7. Go and find 3 things in your living room that have patterns on. Can you describe the pattern? Can you draw the patterns?


This is a great activity to practise listening and to carry out instructions with prepositions. If you cannot print then read the instructions and ask your child to point to where the preposition is on the picture.



Here is the link for a print..

It is time for you to join me, Mrs Cook for a Preposition Quiz!


Wednesday’s Physical Challenge


Cosmic Kids would like you to jump on your magic carpet and join in with their yoga story

‘Cracker, the Dragon of Wonder’

Cracker The Dragon Of Wonder | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Let’s continue to explore our feelings with a lovely story song



"The Story Of My Feelings" by The Laurie Berkner Band

Maybe you would like to do some lovely colouring in to focus, relax and practise some beautifully neat colouring in. Remember to make sensible choices with your colours!

Trickier colouring in

Less tricky colouring in (there are 22 docs here! Choose the ones you want before pressing print!)

Thanks for being awesome!

Mrs Cook x