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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Week 6 Week Beginning 4th October

smileyHello Everyone!smiley


The children have done us proud this week welcoming new adults into our class and showing them how very awesome they are! 

In maths we have compared size, mass (weight) and capacity. We have explored lots of new vocabulary and have compared sizes in a practical way.

In topic we have talked lots about looking after ourselves by taking exercise, eating a balanced diet, having good sleep and about the importance of personal hygiene. We made blow paintings of germ monsters, which was lots of (messy) fun! We even did a Joe Wicks workout and talked about the effects of exercise on our bodies. The children have amazed me with their thoughts and ideas about keeping healthy and I really love the class discussions that we have!

The children continue to enjoy PE and our coaches comment, every week, on how well they listen and on how enthusiastic they are.

The sunshine made us all want to DISCO on Friday! We had an extra playtime and bust some moves in the playground whilst the speaker blasted out some tunes!!! During our outdoor Friday whole school assembly we marvelled at 100s of migrating geese in the beautiful blue sky! They made some awesome formations and it really was such a magical start to the day!

I would like to thank you all for your valued support in our new phonics and reading scheme Floppy's Phonics. So far we have learnt the phonemes s a t p i n. We have been learning how to make letter/sound correspondences with them, forming their letter shapes and establishing a comfy pencil grip, listening for where they appear in words (initial, middle and final), segmenting and blending words that contain them i.e. s a t and we have learnt songs and actions for each of them (mnemonics) which help the children to recognise and memorise them. Try asking your child what the action and song are for s a t p i n.wink

Each week we learn 2 new phonemes, so the children are building a repertoire of sounds to help them to decode (segment and blend) and write an increasing number of words. Next week we will learn the phonemes m and d. Why not play 'I Spy' at home, asking your child to look for objects beginning with m and d? This will help them to tune in to these sounds. 

Next week in maths we will explore pattern. We'll look at patterns in nature and at repeating patterns.

Our topic is 'It's Good to be Me'and next week we'll find out about Our 5 Senses and Body Parts. We will also share the story The Colour Monster and will talk about the different feelings that we all have.

Congratulations to Muhammed V for being R2's gold medal winner this week! Muhammed was chosen because always tries his best, he is sensible, he is always gentle, he is a lovely friend, he listens well and he is polite. Well done Muhammad!



This coming Tuesday 12.10.21 is individual school photograph day. Please have those lovely smiles at the ready! laugh


Please let your fellow R2 parents know about this class page, if they don't already. It's a brilliant way of finding out what has happened, what is to come, events, reminders, advice and guidance and of seeing your children in action in the photographs that are shared. So please give everyone a nudge on Whatsapp groups and when you chat at the school gate. Thanks.


Enjoy this week's photos and have a lovely weekend everyone

Mrs Cook x x x x x