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Can you help with this weeks shout out???


We are handing over to you at home again for this weeks shout outs.

You are there, day in day out so you, grown-ups, are our eyes and ears!!

Let's go and find some superstars.........


Firstly, do you know our school values?  The children in Year 1 and Year 2 will but Reception and Nursery will be much less familiar.  Even Year 1 and Year 2 might need a reminder, so have a look at the poster below and read through them with your child.

These are the qualities that we look for around and about in school but actually, they are relevant everywhere.  A phone call to a relative would really cheer someone up and that would definitely ‘spread a smile’;  learning to fasten your coat or do your laces is ‘reaching for the stars’.  Yes, you could put your coat or shoes on but it's about thinking what next; what can I do next to improve myself and that would be learning to do a zip or fasten laces - that is reaching for the stars.  Not being complacent, always looking for the next step.  I am always so proud when a child holds a door open for a member of staff or another pupil or thanks the cook for their lunch - this demonstrates that they 'respect' other people and have good manners.  These are the values that we recognise and praise constantly in school and want to extend this to home this week.


There has been a big focus on academic attainment for our shout outs recently and I do not want to let kindness, good manners and trying to be the best that you can be, go unnoticed. 


Have a think about your child and remember ways that they have been 'STARS' at home and I would love to know!  There does not have to something for each aspect, goodness me, one is enough but lets shout it from the rooftops that our children are amazing and we know it!


Please send your superstar shout to me at

When I get your nomination, I will send you a quick 'great' or 'thank you' back so that you know I have received it.  Entries must be in by

12.00 on Thursday 11th

or they can not be included this week.