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Tuesday 26th January

Hello everybody! I hope you enjoyed making your stop motion animated films yesterday. I enjoyed watching the ones sent in 😊


Today you are going to write a different ending for the Up and Down story (an alternative ending). Please listen to how Mrs O’Connell explains the activity to 1C in the video below.

English introduction - Tuesday 26th January

Now we are going to do the same activity as 1C. I would like you to write about a different way that the boy could have caught the penguin and what happened next. As Mrs O’Connell said you can use some of her ideas or think of some of your own. I look forward to seeing this work when you email it in later.


Today you will be working with Ms Charlton from Oak National Academy as she explains how to add larger numbers by making 10 first. You will need a pencil and paper to help you with this lesson. There are two videos to work through today.

This is a new way of adding and some of you may find it tricky at first. We are trying to give you another way of mentally adding faster. You can still use objects and put them in a ten frame pattern if that helps you partition the teen number or understand the calculation.

If this new way just proves too tricky however, then please keep adding using practical objects or counting on, using your number line or in your head.


For our RE work, we have learnt about the Christian place of worship.

Now we are going to learn about the Sikh place of worship. Have a look at and read through the presentation below.

Now watch the video of a virtual tour of a Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) with Charlie and Blue.

Sikh Education Video for Kids - Charlie and Blue - Going to Gurdwara

Remember in our English lesson last week, we did a comprehension type activity? Well today’s job is to talk to someone at home about what you have read and answer some questions about it. If you are unsure of the answers, look back over the information again, just like we did in our comprehension work.


Can you find the answers to the questions below?

  • What is the Nishan Sahib?
  • Where can you find the Khanda symbol?
  • What is the name of the religious scripture? Where is it kept?
  • What do Sikhs do as they go into the Gurdwara?
  • Can you name two things that happen in a Gurdwara?

Keeping active

Why not join in with the gymnastics zoom at The Wire gymnastics club. 


Wow, another busy day of learning! I'll see you tomorrow,



Miss Green