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Hi Reception 2! How are you today? Are you smiling and feeling happy? (I really hope so!)

How’s about we start the day with a happy dance?

Sesame Street: Elmo's Happy Dance Tutorial

Elmo loves learning new things so much, it makes him want to dance! Dance along as Elmo teaches everyone Elmo's Happy Dance!-

Tuesday’s Topic Activity


The weather changes throughout the seasons. Listen to this information text which is read out loud, it tells us all about the spring weather.

Weather in Spring Read Aloud

Chat to your grown up and talk about how the weather is changing now spring is coming. How is the weather in spring compared to the weather in winter? Do you like the spring weather? Why? Why not?


If you can get out to the park or on a local walk today, then it would be awesome if you get your senses at the ready and do this lovely Spring Senses Scavenger Hunt with your lovely grown up. The link to print it is below the pic. You could write a list to take with you of things to find after looking at the pics on the screen.


Have a lovely time!



Monday’s Literacy Activity


Below is a written description of springtime weather. Read it together, your child could attempt some words. Then answer the questions below. Your child could answer them verbally or write their answers down. Have a phoneme to hand to help them to spell words and remind them to use finger spaces!



  • Can you use 4 good describing words to describe spring weather?
  • What is the weather like on spring nights?
  • What is the weather like on spring days?
  • Which month is rainy?
  • Can you explain why the weather is mixed up in spring?


Monday’s Phonics Activity


Practise the phonemes learned so far (up to oo/oo) by joining in with the Jolly Phonics songs and actions.


Look at the pictures of things that have ‘ee’ in them. On a piece of paper write a word for each picture. Write them in a list. Can you hear the beginning, middle and final sound in each word? Your child may need the phase 2 and 3 phoneme mats to help them to spell the words.



Join in with the song to hear words that contain the ‘ai’ digraph.


Join in with the song to hear words that contain the ‘ee’ digraph.

Read and enjoy this funny, decodable comic! Find and list the ‘ai’ and ‘ee’ words as you read them? Can you change your voice and pretend to be the characters?



Try drawing and playing Tricky Word Hopscotch. Use the words that your child needs the most practise with.



Tuesday’s Maths Activity


Warm up your brains first!





Your child can use a pencil and paper to draw pictures to help them to work out the real-life problems. You can alter the numbers in the word problems to meet the needs of your child.


Tuesday’s Physical challenge


Here are some home challenges for your child to practise the important physical skill of balancing.



Join the Cosmic Kids as they carry out yoga poses that practise balance.


5 Kids Yoga Poses For Brilliant Balance πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ | Cosmic Kids

Spend 10 minutes practicing these awesome yoga poses which are all great for building brilliant balance! 🌈

It is time for some handwriting practise. Below is a file with a sheet for each letter of the alphabet. We teach letter formation in a specific order of letters, so please scroll down and print only c a and d for today. If you have no printer, then copy the sheet with letters in yellow for your child to trace with a darker colour and a few lines with a modelled letter for your child to copy. Make sure they start from the correct point (the bold dot) with each letter.


Today’s learning is coming to an end! Enjoy this spring themed story.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! See you tomorrow.

Mrs Cook x