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Tuesday 19.1.21

Good morning!

Please watch the video.





Watch the video of Mrs Ogden making some ice lollies. Then watch the video of how to complete a flow chart. Remember to include all the features that I mentioned yesterday. See if you can include time connectives today!

  • then
  • next
  • finally

Mrs Ogden makes ice lollies



Get your brain ready with this true/false question-


Now I would like you to play this game to identify odd and even numbers


Below is a set of division questions that I would like you to complete. On a plain piece of paper draw 8 boxes or print out the template. Work out the calculations in the boxes. When you have worked out the answers I would like you to colour in your even boxes with stripes and your odd boxes with spots! Or choose your own way of identifying odd and even answers.



Mrs Hart's science lesson part 1 wb 18.1.21

Now that you have listened carefully to Mrs Hart you can take part in the quiz!



Mrs Hart's science lesson part 2 wb 18.1.21

Here is an example of a potato head you can make with pipe cleaners so that you can bend the arms.

Manchester Trams (Metrolink) September 2019

Look at how the trams bend! You only need to watch a couple of minutes before you start your experiment.