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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Spring 1

Our Year One Curriculum Update will give you an overview of our learning for the half-term and some ideas of how you can help at home.

Week beginning 6th February

There's been lots of exciting things going on in class this week. As part of our Health and Well-Being week we have been recognising emotions and thinking of ways to stay calm. We’ve also been using stories to understand what things make us feel happy inside and how our behaviour can affect others.

Over the past few weeks in Music, we have been singing and moving to different types of music as part of our work on How does Music make the World a Better Place? The children have really enjoyed learning different songs to sing.


In maths we have been working with numbers to 50. We've counted backwards and forwards, practically put objects into groups of ten to make them easier to count and found out how many tens and ones are in a number using our place value cards and mathematical equipment. You may like to practise with your child during the holidays and there are games in the maths folder above to help.

Finally, we just wanted to say what a fantastic start the children have made to learning their weekly spellings and thank you for your continued support. We have retained the spelling books over the holidays and will give them out again on Thursday 23rd February. We hope you all have a super rest in the half-term holidays and we will see you back in school on Monday 20th February.


Miss Green and Mrs Hermans

Week beginning 30th January

Hello everybody, there has been lots of learning in 1G this week.


In English we have continued with our book Journey and the children have been working hard on improving the neatness of their handwriting as well as writing sentences using the conjunction and. In maths we have been finding the different addition and subtraction facts within 20 called fact families. We started with numbers to 10 and then extended it to working with numbers to 20. We found 8 solutions for each part whole model.


For example

13 + 4 = 17                           17 = 13 + 4

14 + 3 = 17                           17 = 14 + 3

17 – 4 = 13                           13 = 17 - 4

17 – 3 = 14                           14 = 17 - 3


The video below explains what a fact family is, if you want to continue practising at home with numbers to 20.

Fact Families (within 10)

We have continued with learning about the history of aviation and this week learnt about Amy Johnson who flew solo to Australia. We looked at a video extract of her arrival and also thought about how difficult or scary it must have been to make the journey.


In Art we have used clay to make our own clay tiles using the patterns and shapes we saw in Joan Miro’s The Nightingale’s Song at Midnight and the Morning Rain.

We hope you all have a good weekend, see you on Monday.

Week beginning 23rd January

In English we have been exploring the book, Journey, part of a trilogy of books by the author Aaron Becker. The children have been enthralled by it! As it is a wordless book, it has really captivated their imaginations as they try and be detectives and work out what story the author is telling just by using the illustrations. If you have a chance to lend this book when visiting the library or it’s sequels Quest and Return we highly recommend you should.

In History the children have enjoyed continuing to learn about the Pioneers of aviation who have led the way for us being able to travel to worldwide destinations from Manchester Airport. We learnt about local heroes John Alcock and Arthur Brown who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight.

In Art we have been colouring mixing paints creating secondary colours and adding white to make different tints.


In Maths we have continued with our addition and subtraction work this week focusing on subtraction. We used ten frames and number lines to help us complete our work. Please, please can we ask you to practise counting backwards with your child from any number (eg start at 15 and count back to 6. What number do you land on?). It would also help if they continued to practise subtraction calculations at home to help their fluency and confidence in this area. Many thanks.

Week beginning 16th January

This week we've been enjoying our new topic, Up up and away! The children have been learning about the Wright brothers who invented the first passenger carrying, flying machine powered by an engine. We got to watch clips of different flying inventions that were not as successful as the Wright Brothers and the children thought they were hilarious!


In Maths we have been revisiting addition this week. The children have been practising how to count on from the largest number to get their answer or using equipment such as counters to help them. We have also used our number bonds to 10 and 20 to help calculate mentally. These skills will be revisited throughout the year but the children might like to continue practising at home or use the games in the folder above.


In Music we have been using body percussion to perform our own sequences. We have performed songs and talked about how different pieces of music makes us feel inside. We also found out about Chinese New Year, how is it celebrated by families and watched a video from a previous year showing Manchester’s Dragon Parade.


In PE we have been hurdling with Mr Shingler! We enjoyed the team games, each time improving our skills or being challenged by Mr Shingler who kept changing the height of the hurdles!

What an action-packed, busy week it’s been!

Week beginning 2nd & 9th January

We have been working hard for the past two weeks and enjoying our topic, Up up and away!

Last week we started our English work with some poetry and loved reading the nonsense poems, On the Ning Nang Nong and Where Teachers Keep Their Pets. We even wrote our own poems based on them. This week we have been reading the story, Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers, about a Penguin who wanted to fly and what he did to make his dream come true. The children loved this book!


In maths we have been working with numbers within 20, finding one more or less than a number, comparing numbers and finding our how many tens and ones are in a number. There are some games in the folder above if the children would like to continue to practise at home.


In History we have been learning about the Montgolfier brothers who invented the hot air balloon in France over 200 years ago. Our curriculum update will give you more information about the exciting things that we are going to be learning this half term.


In Geography and Science, we've been learning about the weather and recognising the symbol shown on weather forecasts. We are making our own class weather station to record information about the weather over the next two weeks. If you would like to make your own rainfall gauge at home, we have put a link below.

How To... Build A Rain Gauge

Have a lovely weekend 😊

Tuesday 3rd January

Hello everyone and welcome back to school smiley

Just to let you know that PE this half term will be on Wednesday’s and Friday’s and the children can come to school in their PE kits on these days.