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MATHEMATICS 10 fat sausages

Look at and name numbers 1 - 10
Count ten sausages
How many sausages are left when one goes pop and one goes bang
Use this rhyme to count down from ten in twos

Understanding of the World

Bake Ginger Biscuits

In the nursery linking with our hot and cold topic we bake ginger biscuits together as a part of our Hot and Cold topic.

We discuss ingredients, utensils and equipment needed, heating and cooling etc.

Here is the recipe that we use in school.  It is a really simple, basic, easy to use recipe and the children can easily be involved at every step of the way.

Trust me - I am definitely not a BAKER!


I use the following baking power point for discussion with the children before starting to bake.  It can be referred to instead of a cookery book.


Encourage the children to:

  • count out ingredients
  • look at and name numbers on the measuring jug
  • share out biscuits
  • count biscuits

Jolly Phonics " e" | Repeated 3 times

Jolly phonics E
Refer to when cracking eggs open
Listen out for that 'e' sound

Understanding of the World - Baking Ginger Snowman Biscuits

The Gingerbread Man | Full Story | Animated Fairy Tales For Children | 4K UHD

Here is a story to fit in with our baking theme for today