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Welcome to Wednesday Reception 2!


Wednesday’s Topic Activity



Find out more interesting things about the wonderful season of spring!



Time to get arty! Enjoy this spring themed art activity. All you need is some paper, paint and your fingertips!




Wednesday’s Literacy Activity


You are going to be a weather reporter! Go outside with your grown up and think of and chat about these things…


What is the temperature like?

Are there any clouds in the sky?

What colour is the sky?

Is it rainy?

Is the sun out?

Can you feel the wind?

Can you feel a breeze?

Should you wrap up warm on a day like today?


Complete the weather report below. The link is under the picture.


Grownups, this is a chance for your child to do some meaningful writing. They have just talked about their experience so thoughts and ideas will be fresh in their minds. They have a word bank and pictures to help them. Make a phase 2 and 3 help may available to them to help them to spell words independently using their phonic skills. Encourage them to write on the line and use finger spaces.







Wednesday’s Phonics Activities



Follow the PowerPoint and practise recognising and sounding the phase 2 and 3 phonemes.


Practise reading the phase 3 captions by following the PowerPoint


Play the game      Read it, find it, write it!


Today the focus is on the Phase 4 Tricky Words. You can print off the resource below or look at it and make your own.


Hide the words on post-its or pieces of paper around the house, the garden or even the park! Your child reads the words in turn and then goes to find the word on its hidden piece of paper. They then practise writing it. Can they find them all?!




Wednesday’s Maths Activities


Warm up your brains first mathematicians!


Using your fingers, show me…

1 more than 1

1 less than 5

1 more than 6

1 less than 3

1 more than 9

1 less than 7


Find a partner, tell me…

How many hands do you have altogether?

How many toes do you have altogether?

How many eyebrows do you have altogether?

How many knees do you have altogether?

Have a go at counting in 10s to 100. Flash your 10 fingers with each multiple of 10.


In this activity your child will combine the 2 sets to find a total (combining 2 groups of objects to find a total is a maths milestone!) They will record the 2 amounts to the pictures (practising attributing a number to an amount) and recording the total. No need yet for maths symbols (like + - =)


At the Zoo


Use your fingers to help you to solve the problems



  • How many giraffes and zebras were there altogether in the zoo?
  • 2 of the tigers went back to live in the wild. How many were left in the zoo?
  • Four of the wolves were sleeping. How any were awake?
  • How many legs and arms did the bears have altogether?
  • One of the zebras ran away! How many were left?


Wednesday’s Physical Challenge


You can print off the movement cards below, shuffle them and choose 5 to carry out as an exercise sequence. Or you could number them and your child has to choose 5 numbers and the numbered cards they choose is their exercise sequence.




Mindfulness Challenges to finish a wonderful day of learning



Thanks for being so super!

See you tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x