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Tuesday 20th October

Hooray! it’s Tuesday everybody smiley



Today we are going to be reading our book Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell. As you listen can you write a list of jobs the duck does to help on the farm?

FARMER DUCK by Martin Waddell

What happens on the farm when not everyone is playing their part? By Martin Waddell

Now look at the list of jobs I wrote. Did you get the same answers as me?

Can you see that the words end in ‘ing’? They are doing-words. They describe doing something now (in the present). They are called verbs. Verbs do not always end with ‘ing’. Can you spot the verbs in these sentences? (choose either the easier or harder task)


We have been practising our handwriting during the last few weeks remembering to start our letters in the correct place.

Today we are concentrating on our curly caterpillar letter family.


For our phonics this is today’s lesson.

Lesson 22 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lesson

The children really enjoy practically consolidating their phonics learning with on-line games. This is today’s game.



Today’s lesson is about increasing and decreasing in 1 and 2’s. The children will then use this to find missing numbers in patterns.


Design and technology and story time

As part of our design and technology curriculum the children need to be able to understand where food comes from. Yesterday we learnt about how food was grown and harvested.

Today’s story is the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen. It tells the story of how bread was made a long time ago without the use of machinery.

Story time: Little Red Hen

Now look at the video below and find out how bread can be made using machinery. Which do you think is the easiest way?

Your activity today is to match the sentences with the pictures and put them in the right order. Can you spot the verbs in the sentences?