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Please remember to label gloves, hats, scarves, boots and any other extra items your child might have for the cold weather.

Week 4 and 5

Hello Reception 2 Families

I'm bringing you news from the last two weeks in R2 HQ! 

Last week we were artists, whilst learning about 'Our Wonderful World' topic. We looked at the art of Hokusai, a Japanese artist who created amazing art of Japanese landscapes in the 1700s. 'The Great Wave' is the piece of art that we recreated.



It is a really accessible painting for young children to recreate. To be honest, they did a better job than I ever could!

The tutorial was followed as a whole class on white boards. The children listened so beautifully and really concentrated.


Here is the children's beautiful work, proudly on display in our classroom.

Bringing us to this week, the penultimate week of the Spring 1 Term, nearly half way through Reception...Yikes!!!

This week we have shared a lovely book together, it has generated a lot of discussion...


We found out about different toys, games, foods, medicines, homes and greetings that are shared by children around the world, some similar to ours and some wildly different!

Thanks for sharing info with us about your child's family's places of origin. We've gone on to talk about the languages spoken in our homes and the flags from our countries of origin. The children have been heart warmingly proud to share this info with their class friends.




In maths we have been learning about matching and pairing. Mrs Riley taught the children how to play Snap and Pairs and they went on to play the games independently by the rules, they really loved this.


Phonics is getting meatier as we expand our phonic knowledge and we learn new, more complex phonemes. We have learnt 2 digraphs so far-'ch' and 'sh'. Digraphs are one phoneme (unit of sound), represented by 2 letters. When we see the letters ch together, we don't say c and h, we say 'ch'. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is and the children are soaking it up, as it brings a bigger resource of words to their reading diet.


This week, we celebrated having filled up our class marble jar! The children requested sweeties and a disco, which had to include doing the conga outside. And that's what they got!


We also ended the week learning about, tasting and voting for our favourite breads from around the world! Mrs Riley brought in some yummy Jamaican bread and we tried Mexican tortilla and French croissants too! Croissants were voted in as the favourite!


Next week we are going to touch upon the things that we can do to help to care for our planet. We'll explore Height and Length a little further and look at time including o'clock times and the days of the week. 


Thanks for a lovely week. We are looking forward to seeing you all for the last week of term before the hols! Enjoy the photo slide show of all the fun we have had learning together!


Mrs Cook x x x x x x