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Week beginning 5th July

Please note that the School Nurses will be in school on Monday 5 July 2021 from 9.30am onwards to do the Reception children's Eye Tests

Hello lovely families!

Yet another week has flown by so very quickly! The children been busy and amazing as always. The week started by finding out some more about boats and boat travel. We read a book about the dangers of the sea and how to stay safe on the beach. Just to make sure everyone had understood the importance of safety, we completed a short activity identifying the dangers on a picture. The children had a good knowledge of how to keep safe and what to do if they had a problem on the beach.

We have continued to work on practising our number formation and also, identifying which numbers are odd and which are even numbers. The children picked this up very quickly. Also in maths, we have been exploring capacity. The children were able to identify a container that was empty, full and half full. They were also very steady when pouring water in to a container using a funnel.

Once again, as a school, were were able to join other schools on Zoom foe the exTraffordSUMMERganza. The children were able to watch and listens to musicians playing a number of different songs. The children were amazing with the dancing and they enjoyed hearing different instruments being played. Have a peek at the videos. 

IMG 8888

IMG 8889

IMG 8890

The children have blown Mrs Murphy away with their fantastic dance ideas and the super effort over the last few weeks. They have created their own dance.

We have also managed to have fun outside. I hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy the footie if you are watching.

Keep smiling.

Mrs Spooner x