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Tuesday 2nd February

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone!

Let's get started with phonics. This game is to help you practise recognising your sounds - it will be helpful if you need to revise phase 3.

If you would like more phase 5 practise, don't forget we have tricky word and sound practise in our 'help with reading' tab.

Here is Geraldine Giraffe learning about the wh sound, and two worksheets for you to do for your phonics work today.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /wh/


As we have been learning about different ways of travelling, today we are going to look more closely at the travelling the girl sees in Journey. Imagine if you could take the girl's place in the picture, what would you see, hear and touch? What material might the machine be made from? What noises will it be making as it moves? Write down your ideas making a list.

Today's activity is to use your imagination and draw and write about your own travelling machine. You could either just add labels to your picture to show the different parts or you could write some sentences about what it looks like, how it moves and what sounds it makes.

Today's word of the day is..



Today can you warm up your maths skills by counting in 10s to 100?

Here is a video to help you 'partition' numbers using the part whole model. Do not panic if this looks like it is going to be tricky, you know your numbers to 50 and you know that a part whole model shows two or more parts which make a whole number. 

Have a go at the video, worksheet, and then there is a game to help you practise 10s and 1s.

Numbers to 50 practically partition using whole part model

Topic - Music

Do you tap or clap a beat when you hear a piece of music you like?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when music is written down? 

Trafford Music Service have recorded a video to teach us all about how to read music rhythms.

Trafford Music Service - Rhythm Reading for Beginners 1

I think you will enjoy this video about rhythm and beat too!

The Music Show Episode #1: The Beat Is the Heart of Music

Today I'd like to see your travelling machine picture/ sentences and let me know if you already play an instrument and have ever read any music yourself! 

Physical activity

Here is another yoga video for you to help you feel calm and peaceful. 

I hope you are enjoying the daily tasks and working very hard as usual. I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom tomorrow - don't forget to bring a drawing if you can! 

We also have a special surprise for tomorrow's class page... you will have to check back in the morning! 

In the words of Dory the Fish.. just keep swimming! smiley

Love Mrs O'Connell xx