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Week beginning 15th June 2020

This week in our maths learning we are going to return to and polish up on our addition and subtraction. 



When you worked out the addition number sentences how did you do it? Did you...


  • Put the first number in your head and count on the other number?
  • Use your fingers (totals to 10)?
  • Use objects-make 2 groups to represent the 2 numbers and find out how many you had altogether to find a total?
  • Draw pictures and count the total?
  • Use a number line, put your finger on the first number and do frog jumps for the other number?


If you did use any of these strategies then, well, you are a maths genius and give yourself a pat on the back!


Let's do some subtraction now...

How did you manage to solve all of those subtraction umber sentences maths genius'?

Did you...


  • Read the word problem and write a number sentence to represent it, using a - not a +?
  • Use the objects to take objects away and find out how many were left?
  • Put the total in your head and count back the amount you were taking away to find out how many were left?
  • Use a number line to count back to subtract?


Did you any of these things? If you did then WOW!




Here are some more games, videos and Powerpoint presentations for your child to do to help consolidate their calculation skills.

Adding and Subtracting (song for kids about addition/subtracting)

When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)

When You Add with a Pirate (addition song for kids)

The Big Numbers Song

For those of you able to print worksheets off here are a selection to practise various strategies for subtraction and addition.