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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 20th April 2020

          It is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday this week.




                 Did you know?


The Queen has two birthdays! Her actual birthday is on April 21st. However, she also has another official birthday in June to celebrate her life as the Queen. On her official birthday there is a special parade called ‘Trooping the Colour’.


Can you find out...

What year the Queen was born?

Where the ‘Trooping of the Colour’ starts from?

What kind of animals are involved in the parade?

Can you find out any more interesting facts about what happens on the Queen’s official birthday?


If you could have a second birthday at a different time of year when would it be and why?

Maybe you would like to do one of these activities?


  • Design a birthday cake for the Queen.
  • Design an invitation for the Queen’s birthday party.
  • Design a birthday crown for the Queen.
  • Design a crown for the Queen to wear on her official birthday.


If the sun keeps shining perhaps you could have a royal garden party or make your very own afternoon tea, which I believe the Queen is quite partial to!