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Home Learning Spring 1

Dear Reception 2 Families

Oh my days indecision What a start to our Spring Term together. I am missing you all already! Now, you children are all such busy bees and that your grown ups will be keen to continue your super learning. That is very important to me also. heart So here is the plan...

Some children will continue to attend school as Key Worker children and I will continue to provide for their learning needs here. Some children will remain and home as Home Learners and I will continue to meet their learning needs but instead, it will be remotely. 

Remote learning will commence on Thursday 7th January 2021. It will be presented here on our school website on our class page under the 'Spring 1' icon. I will prepare the learning resources and upload them at the end of each day, ready  for the following day, so that you'll be able hit the ground running at the start of each day. 

There will be 4 areas of learning covered: Literacy/Phonics, Maths, Topic and a daily physical activity. 

The learning that will be provided at school for Key Worker children will be the same as that that for our Home Learners. Please be reassured by that. 

Forgive my sentimentality but I would like to say that we have got this and we will continue to work together as a team to give the children the best possible experience that we can.

Take care and keep safe

Mrs Cook x