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Week beginning 20th April 2020

Hello Everyone

It was lovely to see the wonderful fun you had and learning you did with odd and even numbers last week, thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos and messages on our Face Book page. 

This week we will explore something new! We will learn about...


Ordinal Numbers

Now, this sounds a bit posh doesn't it? It isn't all!

What are Ordinal Numbers? Let's find out...



Ordinal Numbers 1-10 for Kids | Preschool & Kindergarten Math | Kids Academy

A fun, clear way to explain what Ordinal numbers are to your little people!

Ordinal Numbers Henry the Fourth Read Aloud

A lovely story to help to explain the concept of ordinal numbers to your children...

Please find below various worksheets to help your child to practise using Ordinal Numbers. Included are are some flashcards, could you play a game where your teddies are waiting at the bus stop and you decide who is 1st, 2nd and so on