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Friday 15th January

Hello everybody, welcome to Friday’s home learning.

Today in our topic work we are going to find out about Inuit people. They live in the Arctic regions. Look at the PowerPoint attached and discover new information.

Can you draw a picture of an Inuit family like the picture below?

Topic/fine motor skills

See if you can make an igloo from marshmallows, sugar cubes or a paper plate. Have a look at the picture examples. Maybe, you might like to make an Inuit face using a paper plate and cotton wool balls. You could draw the hair and facial features on using your colours.


Today we are going to recap th and ng. Take a look at the sheet attached and match the correct word to go with each picture?


Warm up your brains by counting to 5/10/20 and then back again. In maths we are going to be ordering numbers. Enjoy playing the coconut counting game.

Grown-ups, please select the numbers your child is confident with.


Follow the instructions below to make a snowflake. Take your time with cutting out. If you are finding it tricky, ask your grown-up to help you.

High five to all our home learners and grown-ups. We have had a busy week of learning and Miss Edwards and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photographs of you keeping busy that your grow-ups have sent.

We hope you have a brilliant weekend and look forward to seeing you again for home learning on Monday.

Take care and keep smiling!

Mrs Spooner x  


Today I am going to read you a really nice story called Betty and the Yeti written by Ella Burfoot. Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy the story.

IMG 0810