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Wednesday 27th January

Hi there Reception 1 home learners. I hope you are wide awake and ready for another day of home learning. I am sure you are going to be fantastic today.


Continuing with our Arctic Explorers topic we are going to have a look today at sorting polar animals. You need to look at the animal with your grown-up and decide if that animal is an arctic animal or an Antarctic animal. If you can print the sheet out, you will need to cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct box. If you do not have printer access, your child could tell you where each animal belongs and you could write a list or you could draw two boxes and your child could have a go at drawing the animals.


Today I would like the children to practise writing their name using the correct letter formation. Following on from that, we are going to practise forming the one armed robot letters correctly. Please encourage your child to look on the attached document to see where they need to start to write the letters. You can practise writing the letters on a whiteboard, on paper, in salt, glitter or finger paint.


Recap ai. ay, ee, or

Have another look at the oa digraph. Listen to the song below and look at the action at the bottom of the screen.

Jolly Phonics "oa" Sounds

Ask your child to write the oa sound on paper or a whiteboard. Have a look at the attached picture, choose a few of the words to blend and then write them in a list under the oa sound your child has already written.


Load the game below, read the instructions on the screen before starting. Sing 5/10 green bottles song, each time you sing that a bottle falls off, click on a bottle on the screen and watch it fall off. Maybe you would like to challenge yourself to sing 20 green bottles. Good luck!


Today we are going to complete Mr Shingler’s PE challenge part 2.

Watch, listen and join in!

Mr Shingler's PE challenge part 2

Thank you for all your hard work today! I hope you enjoyed Mr Shingler's challenge? Now you can relax and enjoy listening to the story that I would like to read to you.

See you all tomorrow

Mrs Spooner x

The Not So Perfect Penguin