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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 14th June

Hello Reception 1 families.

A great big thank you to you grown ups for your kind words of support this week and a thank you to your children, who, as always, have been amazing this week!

It has been a crazy, busy week in school, but we have continued with our learning and having fun. We have been lucky to have another week of lovely weather, which has enabled us to spend more time outside for our learning and playing. 


We moved on to the next part of our topic, finding out about what special journeys we have been on. The children were very eager to share their experiences of going on a day trip, a sleep over, visiting family and going on holiday. They have produced some lovely writing and pictures. The children are putting a lot of effort in to their writing, remembering to use a capital letter to start the sentence, use a finger space between words and a full stop at the end of the sentence. Miss Edwards and I have seen a great improvement in letter size and letter formation - well done children!


In PE the children have continued to work with Mrs Murphy in dance and with Steve and Sam who are helping the children to develop their ball skills. The children always impress our PE coaches with how will they listen and follow instructions. Also, this week, we have been investigating which objects will float and which objects will sink when they are placed in water. The children were able to talk about what material the object is made from and also describe some of the properties of different materials, hard, soft, heavy or light. They made sensible predictions as to whether the object would float or sink.


We finished our week yesterday by having our own ice cream parlour outside, with real ice cream!! Miss Edwards was the ice cream lady and each of the children lined up to ask for their chosen flavour of ice cream. They all remember their manners and there was even sauce and sprinkles to go on the ice cream.

Next week we will be looking at what vehicles travel by land.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend spending time together as a family.

Keep smiling,

Mrs Spooner x


Please enjoy looking through some of our photos from this week.