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Week beginning 12th April

Hi everyone and welcome back!

The children have come back to school after the Easter break raring to go and have enjoyed starting our new topic on SPACE. We have written down what we would like to find out as questions, and imagined what it would be like to be astronauts! The children already have some great knowledge about this topic and we are excited to learn more together.

In Maths we have been exploring numbers up to 100 and partitioning numbers using tens and ones, great job everyone! 

We used tens and ones sticks/cubes  (dienes) to show two digit numbers.

During our craft afternoon we started our moving pictures of a rocket going to the moon. Some children made great models of the solar system!

We have a new spelling game that the children are enjoying.

We have also enjoyed the lovely sunshine and had lots of time playing outside together, as well as creating, painting, building and sharing in the classroom. smiley


Now we have a favour to ask - if anyone has any (age 4/5/6) underpants, knickers, unisex joggers/ trousers or socks we would really appreciate donations for our spares cupboard as we are running out. You can hand them to us in a plastic bag at the gate if so - thank you!


And finally there has been an email sent out about Parent's Evening - please send us your preferred time slot(s) as soon as possible as we will be arranging appointments at the end of next week. The letter is below if you've missed it. 

We would also like to wish those observing Ramadan a blessed and peaceful month. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Love Mrs O'Connell and Mrs Al-Noah Xx