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Five Little Ducks

Count with me Five Little Ducks
Sing along with Mother Duck
Count down from 5 to 0 as the five ducks swim off one by one
Look at the numbers underneath each of my ducks

Can you find some toy ducks in your house (perhaps from your bath toys) and sing the song Five Little Ducks.  If you don't have any ducks perhaps you could make cardboard ducks.  Make a number for each of your ducks - try writing out numbers for ducks!


Literacy - drawing and mark making

See if you can draw Mother Duck.  Write your name on the top left hand side of your paper.  Have a go at writing about your picture.


Ducks! Duck Facts for Kids and Toddlers

Understanding of the World
Learn all about ducks
A baby duck is called a duckling.
A duckling hatches out from an egg.

Ruby Flew Too

Here is a lovely story read by Mrs Howarth
It is about a family of five eggs that hatch into ducklings.
One little duck is a bit slower hatching from her egg - her name is Ruby