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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Spring 1


Another half term finished in 2L! The whole class produced some excellent work during our topic and have made great progress in their Literacy and Maths. We recently did some assessments with the children and they have all shown how far they have come in a short space of time with many children applying newly learned techniques in comprehension and arithmetic to great success. 

As mentioned in the homework letter our topic next half term will be the warmer parts of the globe, particularly deserts and rainforests. 

I hope the children enjoy their well earned break next week and look forward to seeing them refreshed and ready for Spring term 2!

The spellings for the first week back are : grass, pass, plant, path, temperature, hour, move, prove, improve, sure. 


Mr Logan

Polar Inspired Art


This week in 2L we have looked at the lives of the Inuit as part of our Polar topic. We learned about their traditions and culture and ‘throat singing’ and also the ways in which the Inuit survive in such a harsh habitat. 
We continued to work on our Polar artwork and discussed food chains in Science. 
The class are making great progress as a whole in their gymnastics sessions and are developing some great skills. 

The spellings for next week are 

after, again, any, bath, only, parents, eye, fast, father, find. 

Mr Logan 


This week in 2L we have been carrying on with lots of work based around our topic. We researched Polar animals using ipads and books to help us create fact-files and posters. We learned more about Polar explorers and discussed what we would take if we went on an expedition. In literacy we wrote the story of the Snow Queen in our own words. Most of the writing so far is fantastic! In Science we looked in the playground at which animals live there. In Maths we looked in more detail at placing numbers on a number line and place value.

This week the spellings are:

patting patted humming hummed dropping dropped sadder saddest runner runny


Mr Logan


It has been a good week in 2L this week. We have been finding out about Antarctic explorers in our topic work including Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott. On Thursday morning we made the most of the Antarctic conditions and went for a walk in the park to help us imagine what trekking through even colder conditions must have been like! In Maths we worked hard to understand fractions of shapes and amounts. 

In Art this week we looked at the work of an the artist Ted Harrison and used oil pastels to begin to create our own wintery, colourful, mountain scenes. 

Spellings given out this week are:

hiking, hiked, hiker, nicer, nicest, shiny, being, shining, scary, scaring.


Mr Logan


What a memorable week in Year 2! The trip to Chill Factore was fantastic and all of the children were so well behaved and considerate of others. Please enjoy the attached photos and videos to get an idea of what the day was like. 
Back in class we have been reading the story of the Snow Queen and thinking about the characters and how they behave. In Maths we have been doubling and halving. We continued work on our Polar topic and produced some superb art work.  The spellings for next week are : copying, replying, carrying, trying, skiing, crying, marrying, flying, drying, taxiing. 

Mr Logan 


Still image for this video

Chill Factore


It has been a good first few days back in 2L. The children have worked hard and settled back into routines quickly. 

Today we talked about the Northern Lights and started our art work based around the amazing colours in the arctic sky. 

Spellings have been handed out today and are as follows : copier, copied, happier, happiest, cried, replied, tried, dried, driest, funnier. 

I have attached some photographs from before the Christmas holidays, as well as some of todays art work. 


Mr Logan


Hello and welcome back! 

I hope you have all had a great Christmas break!

This half term our topic will be 'Polar Regions' and this week we have been discussing the differences and similarities between the North and South Poles. We have looked at maps of the world and developed our knowledge of continents and oceans. 

PE this half term will be Gymnastics on Tuesday and Football on Thursday.

Spellings will be given on Friday with a test the following Friday with homework given on Wednesday to be handed in for the following Tuesday. 


Mr Logan