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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Monday 1.3.21

Happy Monday everyone- the sun is shining and Spring is in the air.


Listen to book on the link below, if you are not able to read it yourself on Epic.



Today I would like you to answer some questions based on a book from Epic, that I have read for you. You will need to listen carefully. Write the answers in your yellow book. 

1. Page 5-What two things are dry in the desert?

2. Page 8- What is the name of the largest hot desert in the world?

3. Page 10- What do you need to block the sun?

4.Page 11- What do most animals do during the day in the desert?

5. Page 14- How are sand dunes formed?

6. Page 17- What is another name for a small tornado?

7.Page 18- What is an oasis?



This week we are going to move onto subtraction, but remember that addition can help you with this, just like multiplication and division help each other. 


First of all get your maths brain going!


Today I would like you to spend some time on this game (this is your main activity). Start with fact families to 10, then 20 and then see if you can move onto 50.


Use the number generator or a die to complete the maths sheet-


The last week of Mr Shingler's online challenges!

Mr Shingler's challenge