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Week beginning 25th April

Happy Eid to all that are celebrating!

What a lovely week! It has been great to see the children back in school after the half-term break. We have started our new topic...


A Sailor went to Sea Sea Sea! 


We started with our new text-based English, which focuses on the beautiful book by Benji Davies.


The children have been writing in character this week, imagining how Noi and his Dad, from the story, will spend their day. They have also been writing some beautiful poems, using impactful vocabulary.


In maths we have been focusing on place value, being able to place numbers on a blank number line and counting on/backwards from any given number.


In science we have been identifying animals and plants that you would find in a coastal habitat. In history we have been looking at seasides in the past and investigating photographs from Victorian times. In P.S.H.E we have been discussing how to keep safe at the beach and near water. 


In art we have been using oil pastels to create drawings of storms, which links to our learning about J M W Turner.