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Week beginning 4th May 2020

This week’s English work is based around poems with a space theme and as we have already found out in class, not all poems have to rhyme. This week's poems follow a pattern. You are going to use this pattern to help write your new poem.

The first poems are using adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs to describe a single topic or action. We have included 2 examples of poems using this format and then provided a blank poem for you to write your own poem. If you don't want to write using the 'alien' as your theme you can use any other space themed object to write about.

Bitesize 5-7 years olds lessons has some help with what nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are. You might want to watch this first before starting to write your poem. 

The second poem is about space walking and each verse is a rhyming couplet focusing on different verbs and the way you can move. We would like you to use this pattern to write your own poem (using rhyming couplets and verbs) but your poem doesn't have to be set in space. This can be done in 2 different ways. First you need to make a list of all the different ways you can move and even better practise some of these! This list will help you to write your poem. Next choose which way you would like to write your poem.

  1. Start your phrases with ‘I can…’ and write 4 different phrases about the way you can move (like verse 4). They do not have to rhyme but if you want the challenge you can make them into a rhyming couplet. You can write as many rhyming couplets as you want. For instance, your poem might be about all the different ways you can move in the garden or at the park, or on your trampoline, to name a few. 
  2. A more challenging way of writing the poem is to use rhyming couplets and start your phrases with 'I can...' adding more descriptive detail (like in verse 1 and 2).

And finally … how about making your own passport to travel into space with these templates?