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We hope you all have a great Summer holiday and look forward to seeing you when school reopens on Tuesday 3 September 2019

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher                  Miss D Vrlec

Deputy Headteacher      Mrs L Walkden


Year 2 Teachers            Mrs L Walkden

                                     Mrs E Dempsey

                                     Mrs F Gill

                                     Mrs L Ogden


Year 1 Teachers            Mrs A O’Connell (mat leave) covered by Mrs Karen Al Noah

                                    Miss M Green


Reception Teachers      Mrs L Spooner

                                    Mrs S Ryde

                                    Mrs E Dempsey



LOTC Teacher              Mrs B Hart


Nursery Teacher         Mrs J Abbot


Extended Services Co-ordinator          Miss N Body


Teaching assistants in Nursery            Mrs C Howarth (3 days)

                                                           Ms S Brown (2 days)

Teaching Assistants    Miss L Myles

                                  Mrs H Nield

                                  Miss G Edwards

                                  Mrs H Shannon

                                  Mrs H Daniels

                                  Mrs S Howarth*(Funded via individual child’s Education & Health Care Plan -EHCP)

                                  Mrs J Glass *(Funded via individual child’s Education & Health Care Plan -EHCP)


Learning Mentor         Mr M Cartwright


Office Manager           Mrs L Pearce


Office Administrator   Mrs H Sowerby Jones


Site Manager            Mr M Skinner


Kitchen staff             Mrs M Butterworth

                                Mrs G Watson

                                Mrs C Pringle


Lunchtime Organiser Mrs L Richardson


Lunchtime Assistants Mrs K Begum

                                  Mrs S Begum

                                  Mrs A Lavelle

                                  Ms B Prescott

                                  Mrs M Thompson