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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School



It’s Friday! And today marks Chinese New Year! So, to all of our families…



Friday’s Topic Work


Enjoy This video of the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations that took place in Manchester. Can you recognise our city centre?

Chinese New Year 2020 Manchester 中國新年

Enjoy this video of a Chinese Dragon Dance that took place in London

Dragon dance in London Chinese new year celebration

Amazing Dragon dance during Chinese new year celebration in London Trafalgar square

Make a lucky money envelope! You could make some pretend money to put inside or perhaps your grownup will give you a lucky coin to put inside!

Below you can see the instructions. A printable for the envelope template is below but a folded piece of paper with your own picture on the front would be just as lovely.


Friday’s Literacy Work


You have probably noticed that we have gone a bit pink!

 That is because the rest of today’s learning is now dedicated to…


It is Valentine’s Day on Sunday 14th February. Here is a PowerPoint, listen to Mrs Cook tell you all about what Valentine’s Day is all about...


I am imagining that you love lots of people Reception 2! So you can take the time on Valentine’s Day to tell everyone that you care for that you love them! Perhaps you will see them because they are in your bubble and you can give them a big hug! Perhaps you won’t get to see them so you can send them a little video or a text message to send your love. Or if you like to can make a card for somebody. Here is a little video of how to make a lovely Valentine’s card.

You will need:

  • a piece of card or paper folded in half
  • paper of different colours or with patterns on it (you could make some patterned paper of your own)
  • a pencil
  • a grown up to help you draw a love heart if you find it tricky

Now write a lovely message inside. You might one of these messages. You could use different coloured pencils and of course some lovely handwriting…

I love you

Be my Valentine


Or maybe you’ll write this little poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you!


Friday’s Maths Work


Warm up your brains maths whizz kids!

Practise counting to 10 accurately, recognising numbers to 10 on a 10 frame and recognising numerals to 10 with this little video

Valentines Day Counting

In keeping with the Valentines theme! The link for the print out is below the picture or perhaps you could create your own love heart number line to 0 or 20?


Friday’s Physical Challenge


Can you follow the dance moves and freeze when the music stops?

Valentines FREEZE Dance with STOPS (musical statues)

You’ll love this interactive Boom Chicka Boom Valentines Day song and dance

And your last physical challenge is a little dance that I just couldn’t resist!

Achy Breaky Heart - GoNoodle

It is time for a story from Pete the Cat. Pete decides to take part in Valentine’s Day and tell his friends how much he loves them!

Pete The Cat - Valentine's Day Is Cool!: Valentine's Day Story For Kids

That is all of our learning for today, for this week and for this Spring 1 Half Term children! Next week is time for you to have a break from home learning and to play to your heart’s content! 


We have a new topic next half term...



This is such a lovely interesting and positive topic and I know we are all going to really enjoy it! I am sure that during the half term break that you will all be spending as much time as you can in the park, in your garden and on local walks. I have holiday challenge for you all! Get your welly bobs on, wrap up warm and become spring nature detectives!



I would like you to go out and look for signs that spring has sprung! There are links to a few different spring hunt or spring scavenger hunt activity sheets to take out with you and to give you some clues and ideas. You don't have to print off the worksheets though, you can just use them for ideas and your grown ups could write a list of things to look out for.

It would be lovely if your grown ups would send me some lovely pictures of you on your spring walk and I will upload them to the gallery on the school website.

I hope you enjoy Chinese New Year and I hope you get lots of hugs on Valentine’s day!


Sending hugs from me, Mrs Cook and from Miss Hodgson. We are both mega proud of  you all. x x