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Week beginning 15th June 2020

This week in our topic work we are going to be learning about the job of a Knight. One of the most obvious ways to recognise a knight is by their armour. Do you know what armour was made out of? Do you know why the knights wore armour?

Well we have lots of information for you here. This power point tells you all about a knights armour and the different parts of it. Then you can watch a short video showing children visiting a castle and watching a person put some on.



Would you like to dress up as a knight? Well if you follow the instructions  below you can make a sword, shield and helmet!

Mrs Ogden has been busy making all these things this week.

Have a look at her pictures.

Everything you need to make them is here:

We know that all knights wore armour that looked very much the same. How do you think people were able to tell who was who? The answer was by looking at their shield. Each knight had their own unique coat of arms on their shield so that they could easily be recognised.

You can find out all about this and design your own coat of arms to go on your shield!


Happy making! Don’t forget to email Mrs Dempsey, Mrs Ogden and Mrs Gill a photograph if you choose to make any of these things. We’d love to see them.

Art-This week we would also like you to be inspired by the artist Paul Klee and his amazing painting titled- Castle and Sun 


Have a look at the painting and ask yourself some questions-

  • How does it make you feel when you look at it?
  • What shapes can you see?
  • Do  you like the colours that have been used in the painting and the way in which they have been used?
  • Can you compare this piece of art to other pieces you may have learnt about in school or at home?


Now we would like you to create your own pieces of 2D or 3D art inspired by this. You could use building blocks or perhaps some oil pastels. You may wish to use an art app on a tablet or perhaps use chalk to draw a giant one on the pavement. Be as creative as possible! Share your work on our Facebook page or email your teacher-we love seeing what you have been doing.