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Thursday 14th January

Good morning everyone,

It was lovely to get some emails yesterday and see all the amazing work children have been doing at home, so keep it up and keep sending me the work.smiley



First we are going to finish our poems. Watch the video and find out how.

Whoops... it cut me off at the end when I was going to tell you about today's activity! so today we are going to finish writing the poem you started yesterday. If you can I would like you to use a verb and a rhyming word on the 2nd line just like I did. I would like you to use as many different animals as you can in your poem and try and pick different ones to mine. When you have finished I want you to read your poem a few times out loud to practise and then get your adult to film you and send me the video. I can't wait to hear all these fantastic poems.



This is today's lesson on the vowel sound 'i'.

Lesson 47 - Year 1


Today’s lesson is going to go over yesterday’s work about turns as some children found it a bit tricky. You could practise with objects e.g. a car, doing a full turn, half turn and quarter turn. I’ve also included an activity to complete.

Topic - Ready, Steady, Go

After we have discovered that the Wright brothers invented the first aeroplane, it makes me wonder how did they know a person could fly in the air? After all we don't have wings like a bird, do we? Today we are going to find out about the Montgolfier brothers who 100 years earlier than the Wright brothers discovered that objects can be carried and flown in the air in a hot air balloon.

I have put two resources for you to use below. Someone retelling the story of how the event happened and uses lots of detail and a power point that retells the story more concisely with some information about how hot air balloons work.

The children can use one or both resources to help them understand the event that took place such a long time ago.

Up and Away! How Two Brothers Invented the Hot-Air Balloon by Jason Henry

Now you have learnt about hot air balloons why don't you have a go at drawing one and writing a few sentences about how the Montgolfier brothers discovered how hot air balloons can fly in the air.

How to draw a HOT AIR BALLOON

As a peaceful and calm way to end the day, why don’t you take this virtual journey and see what it’s like in a hot air balloon for yourselves! 


Wow, what a busy day we've had today, I can't wait for tomorrow, see you then!


Miss Green