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Hello Reception 2! How are you today?

Welcome to Thursday’s Home Learning page!

Thursday’s Topic Work


Yesterday we found out about the first ever explorers that travelled to the cold, cold  Arctic Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Draw a sailing ship from the olden days, just like the one that we saw yesterday when we watched the video about the first Artic explorers! Follow this little step-by-step tutorial.


How to Draw Sailing Ship Easy

Thursday’s Literacy Work


Just imagine you are heading off on an Arctic adventure! You would need some special equipment to keep you safe and warm. Look at the picture, can you name each piece of equipment?



Write a list in the suitcase. of the equipment that you can see in the picture. Include other things that you may like to take (like your teddy bear!) A link to a print off of the suitcase is underneath the picture.

Grown-ups, your child would benefit from a Phase 2 and a Phase 3 Phoneme mat to help them to spell words with independence.



Here goes for our daily recap of all the sounds we have learnt so far (stop at ‘igh’)…


Read the ‘igh’ phoneme spotter story below. You can read it to, with or your child read it independently, this is dependent on their reading ability. Look and listen for the words that contain the ‘igh’ trigraph (a phoneme that is represented by 3 letters).


You can print it off by following this link if you would like your child to highlight the ‘igh’ words…

Here is a fun song to listen to hear some ‘igh’ words!

Practise the Phase 3 Tricky Words by singing along with this little song!


Use Look Say Cover Write Check to practise spelling the Phase 3 Tricky Words from memory. You can use the sheet below or your grown up can write them down and you record them on a piece of paper.



Thursday’s Maths Work


This 3D shape PowerPoint is a recap on the shapes and their properties. It has Triangular Prisms and triangle and square based pyramids thrown in it too for good measure (we haven’t covered these in class and they tested my knowledge too!). I have guided the children through this PowerPoint and it is 20 mins long! So go to the loo in peace and make yourself a cuppa, whilst I hopefully hold their attention!

Have a go at printing and making these 3D Alien Shapes by folding the edges and sticking the flaps! It’ll be fiddly but fun and will probably need some grown up help. Also, when printing there are 8 shapes, stick with the shapes that the children are familiar with inc cuboid, cube, sphere and pyramid!



Thursday’s Physical Activity


Join in with Mr Shingler’s latest PE activity! 

Mr Shingler's PE challenge part 1

Time for some handwriting practise! This is the Long Ladder Letter handwriting family. The worksheets are available in the link below the picture.


Here is the next chapter of our story My Father’s Dragon, chapter 5…

Thanks for being so awesome boys and girls. Myself and Miss Hodgson miss us all being together in class sooooooo much! Grown-ups, please keep on sending me photos of you all having a wonderful time learning and playing so that we can all enjoy the gallery together!

Mrs Cook x


Chapter 4

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.