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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 8th January

Good morning everybody! I hope you all enjoyed the activities yesterday. Here are some for you to try today.


Mrs Al-Noah Maths Introduction

Play hit the button to practice your number bonds to 10

You can continue with the While Rose winter theme maths activities (link on yesterday’s page)





Click on the link to Phonicsplay. Select the buried treasure game and then I would like you to select phase 3 sounds. Today I would like you to spend time playing the game with these sounds so that you are really confident in recognising them in words.

Can you write a sentence for each of these words? Remember to use your capital letters and full stops.


feet        coat        bang       rain        high 



Now that we are in the middle of winter I would like you to have a look at what has happened to the trees. Do you remember how we looked at the trees in the autumn and saw how all the leaves were changing colour and falling off (deciduous trees). Now most of the trees are bare. Do you remember what name we give to the trees and bushes that don’t lose their leaves? (Evergreen). Can you remember the order of the four seasons? Find out more about how looking at deciduous trees can tell us what season we are in.



Here is a fun song to help you remember what a tree looks like in the different seasons.

My Four Seasons' Tree

Now try this activity where are you can sort the pictures of the trees and plants into the different seasons. If you do not have a printer you could draw four pictures, showing how a tree looks in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Do you remember when we labelled the parts of a tree? Can you remember which is the trunk, the roots and branches?

Keeping active

Let’s end the week with some relaxing yoga time and learn how to do the tree pose.

Tree Pose | The Cosmic Kids Yoga Pose Universe!

Have a great weekend everybody!