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This week's homework

Homework for 30/11


1 Learn spellings and write 3 sentences. 

2 Complete phonics sheets by 1/12


3 Continue to learn counting patterns 5’s to 60

2’s to 24

10’s to 120

3’s to 36

4’s to 48


Please learn these slowly and build up every day another number in the sequence you are learning. 

Homework 19/11/21

This week's homework jobs are:

1 Spellings set on 15/11 for 22/11 (rewards are for those who return on Mondays)

Please try and extend your sentences by using the word 'because.'

Please try and remember your spelling book on Monday we try and test all 30 children and this day is set aside for testing.  

2 Maths games on Education City (we have data to see who is playing each game)  

Choose one or if you would like to more than one game on the list.

Passwords have now been stuck inside your child's reading record.      

3 Reading (at least 3 sign ins)


Well done on last week's completed homework jobs. The fluency and word attack of the children's reading is improving and that's fantastic! The team effort and practise is key to this! Well done to our superstar readers!  

Please read and sign every time you hear your child read. This may be the phonics book or their book to share. Many children are enjoying their increased fluency and can now read some on their own too.   

This week's homework jobs are:

1 Reading and exploring our phonic book 32 and completing the 2 sheets for book 32.  Date to be returned Monday 15/11/21

2 Spelling book to be returned on 15/11/21. New spellings will be given every Monday/Tuesday after the tests. 

3 Education city games please choose and enjoy one of the multiplication games for Monday 15/11/21.  

10 minutes daily reading practice really improves fluency and word attack skills. Try and read every day for just a few pages. You will see such a difference if you read daily together.