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You're All My Favourites

A lovely family story read by Miss Myles

Communication and Language

Letters and Sounds

Today we will focus on the letter 'N'

Look at my sound flower. 

Look at the letter 'N' on the sound flower.

Look at the pictures on the leaves, they are all things that begin with the letter 'N'.

Can you find thing in your house that begin with the letter 'M'?

Our sound flower has the letter 'N' on it and on each leaf there is a nest, a nose, a newspaper and and some nails

Our sound flower has the letter ā€˜nā€™ on it

Here are some things I found beginning with letter ā€˜nā€™. Can you find some toys in your house beginning with letter N?

Jolly Phonics Song - n

Jolly Song: Hear the aeroplane, /n/ /n/ /n/!Hear the aeroplane, /n/ /n/ /n/! Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/! ....making lots of noise.

Finer physical development. Can you complete writing patterns. Form circles and loops.