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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 3

Hello Reception 2 Families!


We've had another super week! The children make Miss Hodgson and I very proud. They are all working very hard and they all have a real love of learning. 

This week we have shared another book by Bethan Woollvin. Hansel and Gretel is another traditional tale with a twist and an unexpected ending! The children used Box Clever to structure and retell the story using simple sentences. The children are doing so well at applying their phonics to spell words, they consider the importance of using finger spaces and they are really getting a sense of what a sentence is and what a sentence needs.  Take a peek at our Literacy Working Wall...





We created our dream gingerbread houses too, which was lots of fun! It's just a shame they weren't edible!

In maths we have explored 3D shapes and explored which shapes can and cannot be used to build a sturdy structure and the reasons why they may or may not tumble. This has been a lovely opportunity for them to develop their mathematical vocabulary, problem solve, explain and reason.

Phonics continues to get more interesting as the children build their phonic knowledge and include an increasing knowledge of digraphs (a digraph is when 2 letters represent one sound). You have probably noticed that reading books are getting a bit more interesting and that challenge is increasing. Please don't forget to practise reading the Level 1 and the Level 2 Helpful Words at home. Here are the 2 sets of words:


            Level 1 Helpful Words                               Level 2 Helpful Words        



Thanks to you grown ups and of course the children for completing the phonics homework sheets every week, you are doing a great job. 

Next week we are going to write poems which describe what we see in the woods, we are going to practise number bonds to 5 and to 10 and we'll learn about the phoneme 'ng'.

I'm really excited COVID measures are allowing us to have dressing up clothes in the classroom as part of the children's role play provision again! The children will really love this when they see it on Monday and it will really enhance their imaginative play.



Fatima was chosen to be this week's medal winner. Fatima is trying very hard to concentrate and focus in all areas of her learning of the and she has done a super job of managing at school whilst her twin has been at home poorly. Well done Fatima!

Next week sees exciting changes for us all. The school day will begin at 9am for everyone. The school day will finish at 3.05 for Reception 1 and 2. Please check your email for Mrs Walkden's letter which was sent to you all on Friday. It outlines all the changes in detail. 

Miss Hodgson and I look forward to seeing you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the playground on Monday morning! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Here are a few piccies from this past week.


Mrs Cook smiley