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Week 4

Hello everyone

On Monday we celebrated filling our class pebble jar. The children decided upon icing and decorating biscuits and they were gobbled up in no time! Well done R2 for such a great team effort! We have begun filling the jar again!

Continuing with our Toys topic, this week we have explored which toys do and don't move and talked about how they move. This introduces the concept of pushes and pulls and forces and the children did a great job of using their experience and knowledge, I really love our class discussions!

We made moveable toys of our own by cutting out a cardboard bear's body parts and placing them back together by using split pins. It' a fiddly job and the children blew me away with their determination.

We have learnt about the letters v and w this week and we have also practised using phoneme frames to write short CVC words and longer CVCC/CCVC words, they are really getting the hang of this and it will help them to become awesome independent writers. 


In maths we have had a week of measure. We have explored the concept of balance, using mathematical vocabulary like heavy, heavier and heaviest and have considered

how different objects compare. It was great to see them using what they learnt in the previous week about materials to help them to make considered decisions when comparing weights. We also learnt about capacity and had a little competition to see who could fit the most objects in a given shape. The children impressed me with their knowledge of empty and full and we talked about half full/empty and nearly full/empty.


This coming week we will push our toys topic aside and will have a mini topic of Chinese New Year. It is a fabulously colourful and vibrant festival with so many opportunities to immerse ourselves in some lovely art and craft activities and to enjoy some traditional Chinese stories. 

In maths we will delve into numbers 6. 7, 8 and in Floppy's Phonics we will learn about the letter sounds x and y.

Aizah was our medal winner this week, she is a thoughtful, hardworking and caring little girl and a true role model in our class.

All in all, we've had a smashing week and the children continue to make me super proud. It was wonderful to have Miss Hodgson back with us on Thursday too!

Here is a slide show of what we have got up to this week!

Take care


Mrs Cook x