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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Autumn 2 - Time Detectives

18th December 2020

What a busy end to an amazing term! We are so proud of how the children have coped with being in the class bubble, they have just 'got on with it' and worked as hard as ever just like we knew they would. laugh 

This week we really enjoyed our Carols in the Cold, thank you for coming to watch if you were able to make it. Thank you also to the PFTA for our hot chocolate and treats when we watched the Cbeebies panto, and to Mrs Walkden for hosting The Smartest Class in the School Zoom quiz. Then yesterday we enjoyed our Christmas party, thank you parents for your donations!! 

A huge well done to everyone for doing our first Spelling Challenge - the Purple Group were the overall winners!! The children who made an exceptional effort also received a certificate.  smiley

You now have your next sounds and tricky words written in your reading records to practise reading over the next couple of weeks, as well as any words you spelt incorrectly. Practising these will greatly help your learning when we start our new term. 


Don't forget you can also still log on to the autumn term's Education City games, I have sent out passwords and usernames again as reminders. It is not compulsory to complete the games but they all support our previous learning and they are fun!! 


Finally we'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the Christmas cards and generous gifts. We NEVER expect anything from the children but it is greatly appreciated and we are all very touched that you thought of us. 

Have a wonderful Christmas break, look after each other, and we will see you for a new term on MONDAY 4th JANUARY 2021

Mrs O'Connell, Mrs Al-Noah, Mrs Khan and Miss Ryde xxxx

11th December 2020

This week we enjoyed the Zoom 'WinterGanza' with other local schools and especially enjoyed wearing the hats and using the shakers that we made!

We are learning how to work out word problems in maths and how to find the missing number (or symbol) in a number sentence. Now this can be tricky so lots of practise might be needed. I have added an Education City game onto our homework folder called Prince Charming which will help your child with this. We are continuing to practise this skill next week so don't panic too much if they haven't got it yet! 


In true Christmas spirit, we have also been thinking about others and have written a Christmas wish for somebody else! As always 1C proved how considerate, kind and fun they are. See if you can spot yours below! laugh

Next week:

On Monday we will be singing our Carols in the Cold for you! We are so looking forward to it!! Please check the newsletters tab for further information, and also a letter from Miss Vrlec as we will now break up on Thursday 17th December...


Also on Monday, Mrs O'Connell will be keeping the children's reading record books in school to ensure they are updated with your child's next sounds and their next tricky words to learn over the next few weeks, please remind your child to put their book in 'the red box' in the cloakroom on Monday morning so they aren't missed, and you will get them back at home time on Tuesday. smiley

See you next week for our 'Great 1C Spelling Challenge', more Christmas fun, and our party on Thursday!! xx

4th December 2020

Hello! Firstly we'd like to say THANK YOU for your lovely messages of support and thanks - we really appreciate it and Mrs Walkden has displayed them all for us to see and make us smile every day. laugh 

Now back to the children.... 1C have been so busy with their Christmas creations that we can share with the grown ups very soon! Have you spotted the 'Guess the Christmas song' window display as you go past our classroom? 

If the children would like to bring in Christmas cards to give to each other, please send them in by Friday 11th December to go into our special post box in the classroom. They can then be 'quarantined' and then we can give them out during the last week. 


We have also been learning to write instructions for washing hands - some were written so clearly they are now displayed above the sinks in the toilets! laugh

We have been working hard learning different ways to subtract numbers - you can support this at home by playing the games assigned under 'homework' on Education City, and by playing games on the Hit the Button website. (Links below.) Practising reading and writing numbers to 20 as always is great to do too! 


We have also had a great discussion about how babies are welcomed into different families and faiths - we acted out a Christian baptism (and all very much enjoyed looking after the 'baby' afterwards)!


As an extra challenge, please try to finish off reading books at home and sign the reading record by Monday mornings, ready to be changed first thing! It is great to start the week off with everyone having a new book ready and raring to go!


Next week we are looking forward to participating in the Christmas concert with other local schools, and it is Christmas jumper day on Friday!


See you on Monday! xx

Some of our photos from Odd Socks Day and more from the week

28th November 2020

Another great week in 1C! We have continued using 'The Gruffalo' as inspiration for our writing activities. The children have drawn and written about their own terrible creatures - some you definitely wouldn't want to meet in the woods! They have also been working on writing longer sentences using 'and' and 'because'. In maths we have continued to practise addition skills, using various techniques. They are thrilled to have started their new maths books, all about adding and subtracting. 

In Art we have looked at paintings by Van Gogh and focused on 'Starry Night'. The children have begun to create their own interpretations of the painting.
In P.E the children have continued working with Mr Shingler and are really improving their dribbling and tackling skills. 

Here is what 1C get up to when they have finished working hard!

On December 10th we will be taking part in a special Trafford Music Services concert. We will be making hats, shakers and learning actions so we can fully enjoy the experience. 


Please find below a letter from Mrs Ogden, our Music Co-ordinator which links to the words and actions we will be learning. Please get involved and practise them at home. 

Don't forget to check the 'Homework' on Education City - there are plenty of activities assigned for you to choose from, all linked to our learning for this term, so take your pick - we can see your scores!! cheeky

Next week:

As we head into December, we are going to have a Guess the Christmas Song activity - each week we will put up a picture in our classroom window, created by the children, for you to guess the song. At the end of the week we will put the titles in the window so you can see if you guessed correctly. Make sure you pass our window and have a look - the first one will be up on Tuesday!

We will also be having a 'Glam Up Friday!' this week (Friday 4th December) to get us all in the festive spirit - your child can wear a party outfit, or whatever makes them happy! laugh

20th November 2020

This week we have been thinking about what it would have been like to be a child in the 1960s. We have looked at a record player and a selection of vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs. We have watched and heard about real life experiences of being little in the 1960s (including a virtual record player demonstration from our very own Mrs Howarth from Year 2!) We think our Grandparents would have been little around this time so we have thought of some questions to ask: 


Other questions we asked were: 

What was your favourite food?

When were you little?

What was your favourite song?

What did you watch?

What snacks do you miss from when you were little?

What was your favourite TV show?

What was your favourite book?


If you have any 'big people' in your family that you may be able to ask, call, or email, we would love to hear their answers to our questions and any photographs of older technology they may still have would be great to see! We are particularly interested in the games they played and how they relaxed and we will compare it to how we do those things now. Please email Mrs O'Connell with your answers by Tuesday 24th November so we can all have a look at them. 

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

This week we have also been reading THE GRUFFALO! The children have acted out the story and written their own sentences for character speech bubbles. 

We are also working hard on addition number sentences, and finding 'number fact families' using three numbers. You can see what I mean and have a go here..

Here are our odd sock designs from Monday!

A message from Andy from CBeebies just for us!!

Still image for this video

It has been a pleasure to be able to speak to you all for Parent's Evening this week! smiley We absolutely love our class!! Keep smiling everyone. 

Love Mrs O'Connell and Mrs Al-Noah xx

13th November 2020

Another super week! We have been making story maps for Peace at Last this week, as well as learning about verbs and adjectives. We are also reading other stories by the author Jill Murphy.

We have been busy learning how to split numbers and find number pairs up to10. Next week we will be challenging the children to use their number pairs to complete number sentences! 

The children did an amazing job on Remembrance Day and joined in the observed silence at 11am. We also enjoyed making poppies this week and we had some interesting, reflective discussions.

We have also been learning about the seasons and ever changing weather!

We look forward to speaking to you all for the Parent's Evening(s) next week. We ask for your patience in advance in case there are any technical hitches!

Keep up the great work everyone!! xx


This year we are going to try something new! Your child will bring home their list of spellings to learn over the next 6 weeks. You can use the look/cover/write/check sheet to practise, or spelling apps such as 'Squeebles' or 'Spelling Shed', or games to learn them and in the last week of the term we will have a spellings challenge in class and the group that show the most progress will win a prize!

We hope that this will give the children a chance to learn their spellings without the panic of a weekly 'test', and they will encourage each other to learn them too. smiley If you misplace your spelling list, please get in touch via email or

Next week:

Don't forget to wear odd socks on Monday! 

Week 1 - 7th November 2020

Welcome back and we hope everyone enjoyed the half-term break. We are pleased how the children have come back, keen and raring to go! They are definitely year ones now and we are impressed with how they are ready to work hard with their maths and literacy activities.

This week we have been looking at "Peace at Last" by Jill Murphy. The children enjoyed sequencing pictures and writing some fantastic sentences about the story. 

Later in the week we wrote safety guides for Bonfire Night and also thought about firework sound words. They worked really hard on letter formation and sounding out the words brilliantly!
We have started to look at number bonds/number families this week - starting with 5. This is something we will be working on next week with other numbers. 
We had lots of fun with the playdoh, making firework patterns and explosions. 
The children have also enjoyed playing with the cars on our new road mat!

We had our first outdoor, socially distanced assembly yesterday. Everyone really enjoyed the dancing, birthday celebrations and medal awards in the sunshine!


This week we have set new tasks on Education City. Use the same log in that you used last year and click on 'Homework'. You will see a folder each for reading, maths and science. You can now complete the activities over the next few weeks as and when you wish to consolidate the learning we do in class, and we can see your scores! laugh If you have forgotten your log in details please email and Mrs O'Connell will send them to you.


Have a lovely weekend everybody! smiley

From Mrs Al-Noah & Mrs O'Connell