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Week 5

Hello Reception 1 families!


Well week 5 has been even busier than the previous weeks! Your wonderful children are continuing to impress Miss Edwards and I with how quickly they have adapted to school life. They have such a thirst for learning and are continuing to make new friendships. It is evident that the children are also growing in confidence. The children enjoy to share their experiences with the class and they have shown and explained the amazing autumn finds they have collected. Please can I say a big thank you to the families that have collected the autumn finds. You will see our autumn tray in the pictures that we are continuing to fill. The children have been enjoying investigating the finds, looking at them through a magnifying glass and using the autumn books to match the finds to the pictures in the books.

This week we have continued to use our 'book hook' Here we Are to investigate how we can keep healthy and safe. The children have discussed healthy foods and created their own healthy packed lunch. The children are very knowledgeable about healthy and non-healthy foods and drinks. In our PE session this week we talked about the importance of exercising and how our heart works to pump blood around our body. We felt our heart beat before exercising and found it was beating slow. After exercising and playing games we found that our heart beat was much faster! The children have had another great dance lesson with Mrs Murphy this week. Their listening and participation continues to be brilliant. We had a visit from our school nurse this week who came to talk to the children about the importance of hand washing. The children were very attentive and they answered lots of questions. Below you will find a copy of the animation the children watched about hand washing.

Children's pack Animation - Wash Your Hands

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

In our maths this week we have been sorting objects and pictures, matching number shapes, writing numbers 1-5 and becoming familiar with numbers 11-20. You can see some of the activities in the slideshow.

In phonics we are continuing to learn and recognise our next set of initial sounds. This week we have learnt e, d, m, u. Thank you to the parents who are practising the sounds, words and reading with your children. Please can we ask that when you help your child to practise their sounds, you date and write a comment in your child's yellow reading record book so that Miss Edwards and I know how you are getting on at home.

On Friday we had our Zoom celebration assembly. We signed happy birthday to Phoebe and we awarded Muhammad Yusuf as our star of the week. He is an extremely helpful, friendly, hard working and happy little boy who always smiles in school. I wonder who will be our star of the week next week?

Please see below a selection of photographs showing some of the activities that has kept us very busy this week.

Next week we are going to move on to looking at people in our community. We will find out about people who help us like police, firefighters, postal workers etc. If you have a story book at home about any of these people Miss Edwards and I would like your child to bring it into school in their book bag and we will look at them together.

Thank you once again for giving Miss Edwards and I another fantastic week and we are very much looking forward to seeing what week 6 brings (where have these weeks gone?)

Mrs Spooner x