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Other great ideas!

Pirate inspired activities

Have a go at some pirate themed dot-to-dots, colouring in pictures or wordsearches.

Can you follow the pirate commands in this game?

  • Time to relax! As we all know, yoga and mediation have many benefits for our body and minds, including lowering anxiety levels. Here is a youtube channel we like with LOTS of videos aimed at different age groups. Adults can definitely join in with them too. 

Saturday Morning Yoga | Popcorn and the Pirates 🏴‍☠️ 🐬

Ideas for when it's raining outside or just when you want to use your imagination and be creative!

  • We have put together some ideas that you might like to try if you are stuck 'indoors' because of the weather. We have also included the Art, DT and LEGO challenges that we used earlier in case you want to try them again.smiley
  • The Scouts 'The Great Indoors' has lots of fun activities for you to do at home.
  • How about having a go at making your own board game? Below, there are some blank templates you can use and an emotions board game that's ready made. 

Ideas with a science theme

  • Eureka! The National Children’s Museum has lots of activities you can do at home.
  • This is an American website with lots of interesting science activities. The Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade tabs all having interesting activities that you will enjoy. 

  • The STEM website has lots of different things to make, explore and investigate!

  • Dr Chip’s daily dose of… STEM activities (@10am) STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Activities with an Art theme

  • Why not learn about different artists? Or take part in the games and quizzes or follow the instructions to make your own different art creations? There are lots of interesting and exciting things to find out at the Tate.
  • Something a little different. National Museums Liverpool has launched a project and asked children to make their own exhibition of up to 10 objects at home. There is more information and an example of what an exhibition might look like on the link below.
  • Have a look at Vincent Van Gogh’s work seen in a whole new way at Amsterdam Light Festival.

Music and movement activities

  • For those who love to sing, Out of the Ark Music has provided lots of songs on just about every topic you could imagine. So why not learn a new song today or have a family singalong at home, or see if you can get other family members to join in who might be a bit further away.
  • For all those who love tosingand dance as well learn something new, we recommend GoNoodle and BBC Supermovers!

Danger Force | GoNoodle

A great website full of lots of ideas on how to make children more active while doing the things they love.

Frozen 2: Make Your Move | GoNoodle

Reading resources

  • If you want to carry on reading some Oxford Reading Tree books then this site has a small collection. Just look at the colour of your reading book (book band). It will either be a small colour sticker on the lower part of your reading book or on the back as a semi-circle.             
  • Don't forget to also check out the resources under the 'help with reading' on the main page.
  • Why don't you read a new book? The Book Trust has some fantastic ideas.

What else do you want to learn about?

  • This is a daily program containing lots of interesting and new things to learn. See if you can spot Mrs Cook, our Reception 2 teacher on some of the clips!
  • There are also lots of great ideas and lessons on here that you might be interested in.  laugh