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Mr Shingler's challenge

Physical Development
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Understanding of the World

We have been learning about families and how all families are different from one another.

We all live in different types of homes.

Some people live in a flat or apartment and some people live in a house.  Some houses are big and some are small.  Some houses have a big garden and some houses have a small garden.

What is the number on your front door?

We all live in Stretford - Do you know the name of your road or street? 

Perhaps you could talk to your parents to find out more about your house and your address.

Literacy / Mark Making

Draw a picture of your home?

First write your name at the top left hand corner of your paper.  You could copy your name if you prefer.

Make marks to write about your picture.  Please scribe for your child so that the correct letter formation can be seen.

Perhaps you could write your house number on your front door.


House Song - English Songs For Kids

A block of flats is tall.
A bungalow does not have an upstairs.
Some houses are joined up in a row this type of house is a terraced or town house.
Some house are just joined up to one other house and this type of house is a semi.
Some house stand on their own and this is known as a detached house

Family and home colouring sheets

Finger Family

Letters and Sounds activity
Phase One
Sing this traditional nursery rhyme Tommy Thumb then.....
Sing family finger song - new words to a traditional nursery rhyme!


Listen to Miss Brown read one of her favourite 'family' stories.
You'll soon grow into them, TITCH by Pat Hutchins