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Week 5

Hello Reception 2 Families

It has been a very busy and exciting week. R2 have spent time in their new Year 1 classroom, they had play and enjoyed a story. I'm really proud of how well they are embracing all the new things that await them. heart

We enjoyed playing football outside in the fresh air and the coaches were impressed with the children's listening and their skills. (pics below!)

We have been learning about sharks this week YIKES! Actually, did you know that you have more chance of a coconut bopping you on the head and finishing you off than you have of a shark attacking you!

I hope that everyone is coming to the summer fair this Saturday? It sounds like that the PTFA have put together the most exciting day for us all to enjoy and all possible weather outcomes have been considered. See you 12-3!

Have a super weekend !

Mrs Cook x