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Please remember to label gloves, hats, scarves, boots and any other extra items your child might have for the cold weather.

Friday 16th October

Good morning everybody, I can’t believe it is the last day of the week already!


You should now be very familiar with this week’s story. This time why don’t you turn off the sound to the story and retell it in your own words as you see the pictures?

We have now read two stories by the author Sarah Hayes and learnt about the boy’s friendship with the dog and bear. Today I want you to think about your friends. These might be friends you have in school or at home. What things do you like to do together? Why do you like being friends with them? Today’s activity is to draw and write some sentences about your friends.

For those children who have just begun their writing journey you can use the sentence starter

I play with …

And use your sounds to spell your different friends names.


We have been practising our handwriting during the last few weeks remembering to start our letters in the correct place.

Today we are concentrating on our zigzag monster letter family.


For our phonics today the children can check how well they recognise their phase 4 words and sounds (phonemes).

Some games to play

If you want a tricky extra challenge, why not try this game, even I found it tricky remembering where everything was. Why don’t you see if you can beat your adult at it!



In maths we are continuing to work on our numbers to 20 comparing two number values.



We have been learning to use a camera and take photographs in class so now can you use these skills to make an animated film? It is not as hard as you think and I’ve included a good guide on how to get started (with some example videos). You will need a grown-up to download the free stop motion studio app to a phone or tablet to be able to do this. Have fun!



Why not enjoy another story about the boy, the bear and the dog?

This is the bear and the picnic lunch