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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Celebrating the week!

Hi Reception 2 Families!

Well, it has been a really busy week and our feet have barely hit the ground!

As part of our 'Spring is Coming' topic we have learning about FROGS! We have found out about the life cycle of a frog, talked about the different parts of a frog's body and watched videos of the funny fellas!

In maths we have been exploring length and have talked about how tall/short and long/short things are. We used non-standard units (interlocking cubes) to measure and we compared lengths.

The children have carried out a piece of independent writing this week, which will be assessed to see how their writing is coming along - I am incredibly proud because despite of everything every child tried hard and every child is making progress. smiley

On Tuesday we had our Super Science Day. We shared the story 'Ada Twist - Scientist' and discussed how like Ada, there is a scientist in all of us. On the day, we watch a video of Huwainaa's mum in action in her job as a Microbiologist - Yes! a real life scientist who is actually one of our mummies! We made ice gardens, built bridges in teams, conducted the Skittles experiment in which we created a rainbow, we watched as Mrs Hart made a rocket in the playground for us (ask your child how it worked!) and created paper aeroplanes that flew! A huge well done to all of our budding scientists!

As part of Mrs Walkden's returning to school treats and as promised, on Thursday we had crisps, ice lollies and dancing in the playground! We had a lovely time! 

To top off the week, Comic Relief's Red Nose Day brought fun and giggles as we joined Victoria Park Junior School for a class comedy Zoom meet up. Each class shared a joke. Gia told our joke, here it is...

What's green, sits in the corner and Doesn't want to play?

The Incredible Sulk! laugh

Next week is another busy one! On Monday we are having a Kind Friends Day. We are going to talk about the importance of being a good friend and the things we can do to be better friends. We have some lovely activities planned too. 

On Tuesday it is World Book Day so please don;t forget to dress up as your favourite book character! We have a fun day of celebrating books planned.

On the lead up to Easter, next week we'll find out about Easter, make some lovely Easter crafts and there is talk of an Easter Egg Hunt! 

I think there will be some tired children by the end of the week, don't you?!


I am so happy to share some photos to show you what an awesome week of learning and fun we have had. Enjoy them and enjoy your weekend! Miss Hodgson and I can't wait to see your smiley faces on Monday morning!


Mrs Cook x

heartlaughHere are some photos of Reception 2 just loving their Science Day! heartlaugh

IMG 1528

Watch as Mrs hart creates and blasts off a rocket!

And the fun didn't stop there!laugh