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Summer Term 2/2 Movement Topic

Week ending 24th June 2022

This week the children took turns to operate our Bee-Bot programmable toy.   They were encouraged to use directional language e.g. forwards, backwards, turning left/right, stop, start, pause.  They practised counting out how many steps they programmed in and how many moves Bee-Bot made. 

Bubble Painting - the children were quick to pick up this fun painting technique.  We used paint in pots mixed with liquid soap.  The children blew down a straw to create a mass of colourful bubbles then carefully placed their paper over the bubbles - as the bubbles pop they leave an imprint on their paper.

Bubble painting helps develop fine motor skills and coordination between hands and mouth to create bubbles.  

Week ending 17th June 2022

We have made a good start on our new 'Movement' topic

We shared the story Toot Toot Beep Beep by Emma Garcia.  

The children enjoyed playing with our Toot Toot Beep Beep Story sack resources.  Each of the cars in the book is a different colour and type of vehicle and each one makes its own unique sound.  The children enjoyed finding the various vehicles, making the different sounds,  pushing them along and parking them up in the garage.

Art Activity - String Painting

For this activity we covered string in poster paint, arranged the string onto a piece of paper, folded over the  paper and  pulled out the string. We repeated this procedure using different colours to create patterns.