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Monday 25.1.21



We are going to do some reading today. I would like you to log onto Epic and access the book assigned for today's lesson.


You may need help to read this book or you may be able to do this independently- either is fine as today's work is based on what you understand from the text. You can also click on the link below to hear me read it.

Reading comprehension questions (please write your answers down in your yellow books).

1. What day does the diary start?

2. Find the word on the second page that describes how the crew felt.

3. What item goes missing early on day 2?

4.Can you find the adjective that is used to describe the storm later on Day 2?

5. What job did Henry Mcnish have on Shackleton's ship?

6. On day 4 why does the main character feel joy?



This week we are going to be carrying on the work started by Mrs Ogden on statistics. We will be looking at graphs and data(information collected).


I would like you to start by watching this short video to remind yourself about this part of maths.


I would like you to watch this video and join in when asked.


Now complete these challenge cards- choose a level that makes your brain work hard!




We have two new videos from Mr Shingler today- lets get active 2D! 

Mr Shingler's PE challenge part 1

Mr Shingler's PE challenge part 2